Wednesday, January 13, 2016

11 January 2016 - Week 11

Elder Gilbert says hello to everyone! He is doing well and still working hard in Alabama. The weather has been a challenge and he isn't sad that the weather alarm has not needed to warn them about a tornado lately - if it never needs to go off again, Elder Gilbert says that would be just fine with him! He continues to figure out how to stay dry and still get the work done. He says he is hungry all the time but that he has plenty of food (no care packages needed, but thank you anyway!) - he is really hoping he is in a growth spurt and plans to return from his mission at 6' tall - everyone keep a smile and happy thought for him on that wish :D He and Elder Hyde have continued with their motto "Work Hard, Play Hard" and that seems to be working well for them - they remain friends and keep studying and riding their bikes, reaching out to people - he says they ride somewhere between 12-15 miles a day. He asks that I thank you all for your happy thoughts prayers on his behalf - he loves and appreciates you all, as does his Mom - have a great week! :D

Elders Lovest, Gilbert, and Butterfield

Friends since the MTC!

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