Tuesday, May 24, 2016

23 May 2016 - Week 30 - 75 Weeks To Go!!!

Ok! Pretty good week! We went fishing last p-day and I caught 3 fish! Just little blue gill not any bass but it was still fun. We played basketball on Wednesday(we usually do). Then Saturday was probably my fave day of my whole mission!! We had a baptism for Patrick at 10 in the morning. It was a great turn out - we had a lot of members there and it was a really cool experience for Patrick! It's so awesome that he got baptized! We have been teaching him for about a month now! He is a great kid with a really hard life so far, hopefully this will help! Then Saturday night we had a craw-fish boil for Darby who is going off to Utah for college. We had probably 40 or 50 pounds of craw-fish, and shrimp, fish, and alligator! Which is so good!! They grilled up burgers, hot dogs, and a bunch of other stuff but we all just ate the craw-fish! It was so cool, there was probably the whole ward there! It was Dang fun! On Sunday was the confirmation and Patrick's grandfather did it and it was awesome!! Patrick's family was supper less active and through teaching Patrick they have decided to come back to church! But yeah that was basically my week :) ok i gotta go now, we are fixin to leave so we might be able to go fishing tonight! Love you all!!  - Elder "love them craw-fish" Gilbert

Elder Gilbert in the land of the giants - his previous companion 
and his current companion are both 6'5" tall!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

16 May 2016 - Week 29

Hi Everyone! We have a baptism scheduled for the 21st. I'm really exited for it! I think this is exactly what he needs in his life right now. I can't believe I have already been out for 6 months! It feels like time is crawling right now but then it does not seem like its been 6 months! I'm really trying to lose weight and eat right. I'm going to buy a fitbit today so I will be able to track how many steps I take and my calories and everything so I'm excited about that! We have helped a lot of people move lately and seen some really cool huge houses! I bought a Yeti cooler cup the other day. It's so cool! My ice can sit in the cup in the hot car all day and not melt! It's so cool! We are going fishing today so I'm super excited about that! Hopefully I will have some pics of fish next week! Thanks for all the support from everyone! Miss Yall! -Elder Gilbert

 Note from Mom: below is a re-post of the homes he started out with 
on his mission. Our Elder is learning a lot!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

9 May 2016 - Week 28

It was so awesome to get to talk to you guys! I know it was much needed for me and probably for you as well. This is going to be a really hard transfer, and talking to everyone really helped! Mom told me that the blog has like over 2 thousand views so thank you so much everyone who has gone on here and kept up with my life over the past 6 months! Thanks everyone for all the letters and mail and stuff! I hope everyone is doing well and not having too much fun out there without me! Thanks for all the support, I couldn't be doing this without it. 
Love Y'all!!  
                                  Your missionary -Elder Gilbert

Note from Mom: I've noticed if you read this blog on a mobile device, it's really hard to find Elder Gilbert's mailing address. It is: 433 Windsor Court Alabaster, AL  35007 - He has mentioned how much he appreciates paper letters, so he can read them during the week, not just on PDays - our love and thanks to you all!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2 May 2016 - Goodbye Elder Mkhwanazi

Ok so... transfers! Elder Mkhwanazi is leaving me:( He is heading to Birmingham to be a Zone Leader! I'm pumped for him but sad to see him go. I just made a video of Mkwan and I's time here together, if I had more time I would make it a lot better but I don't have a lot of time so i just thew it together. It was a really cool idea in my head but I just don't have enough time.  I have no idea who I'm getting next. He's coming up from Selma and that's all I know. But I got my back pack this morning! I really like it! I think it will work for what I need! Thanks Mom! Brother Hatch is now our Gospel Principles teacher so I get to spend some more time with him. He's so awesome! He is exactly like the Hatches back home! He has a dj set up in his basement and I got to mess around on it! I think I'm going to give his daughter dj lessons lol. (Mom note: we have told him he better be mixing MoTab!) There are some members here that go gator hunting together! They say they will take me when I come back to Alabama to visit! Its so intense! I got to drive a hummer yesterday! It's so cool and huge! So, we are working on Miracle May (every companionship will get a baptism in May!) We had a good potential but he didn't come to church yesterday :( so idk what we are going to do. Hopefully he comes next week. But yeah we are just getting Mkhwanazi packed up ready to go. I'm exited to get to talk to you guys next week! Love you all and thanks for everything!
- Elder Gilbert