Wednesday, July 27, 2016

25 July 2016 - Weeks 38 and 39

Hello Everyone! Apologies for not posting last week - we were waiting to hear about transfers and thought we would hear each day - the results are finally in! Elder Hix and Elder Gilbert will be staying in Hamilton for another 6 weeks! They are both very excited to be staying together and extremely grateful to the Member there who allows them access to his gym :) Here is Elder Gilbert's message this week - I expressed concern how focused they seem to be on working out and he promised they are still tracting everyday, dodging bashers, and looking for people to teach - our prayers are that they can find someone this next 6 weeks :)

This is about how district meeting goes when you have a senior couple to show us how to flex.

Went on a blitz with our Zone Leaders in Tupelo, MS 
and saw the opportunity to throw some cardio at Elder Sears!

It's way too humid here, It's like breathing hot water!  We just received our transfer instructions. Elder Hix and I are staying together for another 6 weeks! And Elder Hix is district leader. I'm super exited I get to grind here for another 6 weeks. Last 6 weeks we did pretty good, we stuck with our workouts and for the most part we stuck with our diet and meal plan. So we kinda got an idea of how everything works, how the workouts are, what weight to use, how the lack of carbs will affect me in my workouts, I need to eat less amounts but more frequent, need to prep the meals before so when I'm dead tired after the gym my food is ready or at least basically ready so I don't just give in and go to taco bell because it's fast. Now I know all that. And I am going to hit it and go all the way this next 6 weeks and just see what the results can be. I'm sick and tired of it just being "potential". So I'm super stoked about this up coming 6 weeks!! Love to y'all and thanks for everything! - Elder Gilbert

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

11 July 2016 - Week 37

So not much has happened this past week. We lost our phone on the 4th and we found it a couple days later. Someone found it and turned it in so that was good. Being in a small town branch is very different than what I'm used to. I'm used to huge wards where everyone is solid lol. There were maybe 15 people there at church Sunday and 15 is probably stretching it. Elder Hix gave the opening prayer, Elder Hix blessed the sacrament and I passed it. Elder Hix and I both gave a 15 min talk in sacrament. Elder Hix and I taught priesthood and Elder Hix and I took the sacrament to 2 different people after church. Busy Sunday! We got our haircut this morning, I just took a video and put it on the drive lol but yeah that was pretty much our week. Lots of lifting and fishing. Thanks for all the support! Couldn't be doing this without you guys! Love y'all! -Elder Gilbert

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

5 July 2016 - Week 36

Crazy couple of weeks! New area, new comp, and new mission President! We are just grinding and working hard. We went to Tupelo, Mississippi last week and I got to see all the Elvis stuff. I was in the little shop where his mom bought his first guitar so that was cool! But yeah, we are just grinding... and fishing!! We fish a lot lol But yeah thanks for all the support and I love you guys! 
-Elder Gilbert