Tuesday, February 16, 2016

15 February 2016 - Week 16

Hello Everyone! Elder Gilbert and Elder Hyde are busy working hard and he asked me to update you this week :) Johnny sounds good and upbeat in his emails but I think he is ready for a transfer. He and Elder Hyde are sill getting along great. I think they have both found a forever friend and we are so grateful! I asked how the work is going and he said it is going well, just very difficult. He still loves the people but finds it frustrating to have such important information to share and no one seems receptive. Anyway, he has been living in a small town for three months now and feels ready for something bigger - we have all told him to be careful what he wishes for :) The big news this week is that we finally got his new bike shipped off to him! He has a wonderful bike there, but soon discovered it was not the right kind of bike for the terrain there. He found a used bike on Craig's List in Chandler, Arizona and we all (Mom, Dad, Deb, and Buddy) trooped up there and brought it back to Tucson. The local bike shop has given her a tune up, a new wheel and tubes, pedals, and they feel good she is ready to go. Johnny should receive her sometime next week and has promised to name her - the previous owner was very sad to see her go and we have promised to keep in touch :) Anyway, hope everyone has a great week - thanks as always for your letters, emails, packages, and prayers for our sweet Elder - we appreciate you!!

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