Wednesday, June 1, 2016

31 May 2016 - Week 31

     Ok, crazy week! We had zone conference on Wednesday and it was Pres Hanks last one ever! He leaves in about a month. It's going to suck to see him go. I'm not looking forward to it. He gave some really awesome training's this conference.

     On Saturday we went to Selma Alabama!! The coolest gettoist town ever! Tons of history there! Elder Hutchins just served there right before here and someone he taught was getting baptized on Saturday, so we were able to go down for it. I love Selma! It's so intense! That is the hood!! It's so crazy! Every stereotype of the hood and the south and black people is Selma! It's really cool. I got to walk the bridge that they marched over, saw the church MLKJ gave a speech at, just a super cool town! Ate the biggest, greasyist burger of my life, lol. But I got to see some huge plantation houses! Just lots of super cool stuff! We played ball in the hood! The court is called "The Cage" its all fenced in with barbed wire in the top and the hoop nets are chains lol They pull out huge speakers just for ball! Just bumpin and everyone smokin everywhere it was supper crazy and fun! It's like gangs against gangs in ball lol But they love missionary's there like "Ay! Jesus boys with us" and they know not to past the joints n stuff to us lol It's super cool.

     This has been a crazy week! We have these new investigators, a husband and wife, she has lots of medical probs and has a service dog, so we have been doing several tours so the dog (still a puppy and still in training) can get used to the building before there are people everywhere.

     We went fishin this morning, I got 2 little brim.

     Elder Bednar (one of the 12 Apostles in coming next week!) and he is speaking at the Pelham Center... where the ice rink is - they are going to convert it (just like the do in the Staples center in LA for the Lakers) ..... so I get to hear Bednar in an ice rink. Can you believe it????

     Its gettin stupid hot..... like this is getting ridiculous i hate humidity!!! 

     Love yall talk to ya in a week -Elder Gilbert

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