Monday, March 27, 2017

20 March 2017 - Week 73

Crazy week. So Thursday we had interviews with the mission president. He said there are only like 2 missionaries coming to the mission this transfer so not a lot of changes are happening for the next few months. Our Zone went to the zoo last week! It was pretty cool. I've wanted to go to the zoo my entire mission!! It's a smaller zoo but still cool! We had to drop 2 investigators last week because they weren't keeping commitments, and didn't really seem to care. It's so frustrating.... We drove up to Birmingham with my boy Mezz which was fun. Got to see the city again, it's been awhile. Today we woke up early, and went out to work on the deck some more. We added the railing to one side of it. Then we had to leave so there's still more to do. We had to leave because we had to head home to get our apt. Inspected. Fun, I know.. Then we went to blue bell afterward. Comin' up on 17 months! Thanks for all the support form everyone! Love y'all!!!
  -Elder John M. Gilbert

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