Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Staying in Wetumpka!! 14 December 2015 - Week 7

So I'm staying in Wetumpka!!! And Elder Bullock is being transferred, so I will have a new companion on Wednesday. I have learned so much from Elder Bullock - I will miss him! So this week was crazy! on the 12th was '"Christmas on the Coosa" which is a huge festival thing down town, they do a huge parade! (like our Franklin homecoming one) but for Christmas! then there are lots of shops and food! like in little tents and there was a boat parade! where Santa water-skies!! with fireworks and everything! it was crazy! Grandma Theora, i thought about you the whole time! After my mission, you and i have a date to Christmas on the Coosa!

oh we had a talent show at the Christmas party and Elders Van Dyke, Posadas, Richter, Kitner and I 
sang "Country Roads" lol

Also this week I asked Elder Gilbert to give us an idea of what a typical day is like - here is his response :)

ok so on a normal missionary day (if there is such a thing) we wake up at 6:30 and work out, shower get dressed and ready for the day and breakfast, then from 8-9 is personal study, that's where i try to get my 9 pages a day read, and do my tabb things and study talks, one hour is really not enough! but then form 9-10 is companion study, that;s usually where i ask bullock all these crazy stuff like about kolob and stuff, I'm really starting to love that deep doctrine stuff but then he tells me "dude basics" you don't need to know that stuff to be a missionary, I'm like i know but it's awesome! then from 10-11 we do this "first 12 weeks" program thing that teaches me how to be a missionary, look up scriptures and watch videos n stuff. then we finally get out of the apartment and go teach people if we have set lessons (most people say,come back Thursday) so that's when we just try and see everyone. We have lunch around 1 and dinner is usually at 6 and sometimes it's with a family. then we usually go to Walmart and try to store-contact which is super awkward but whatever it/s the only place we can find people. Then were back to our app at 9 and in bed by 10:30. crazy random things happen everyday!, like we were riding our bikes and this guy is just chillin' outside smoking and he waves us over. In my head head i was like "great this guy us going to give us a hard time or yell at us or something" so we pull over and start talking to this guy. He noticed that Elder Bullock didn't have any lights on his bike (like I do). So this guy pulls out his wallet and gave elder bullock 30 bucks and tells him to go buy a light. Then he goes on to explain that he only has 9 months to live because of cancer. He just wanted to help us out and thanked us for all that we do. Crazy stuff like that happens all the time!

Bamboo in Alabama!!??

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