Wednesday, December 2, 2015

30 November 2015 - Week 5


So this past week has been crazy! So last Monday we went down to Montgomery and had a multi-zone activity, we all played football and then went over to Brother M's house. He is like the biggest lawyer in Montgomery, he is like an old Harvey Specter! He payed for all of us to eat a thanksgiving meal in his amazing (office) house, This house was built in 1888 and he completely restored it! It was amazing! So for dinner instead of a traditional turkey we had alligator and craw-fish! It was so good!! I have videos of the house and dinner but they are too big to email, we need to look into like google drive or something so we can send bigger stuff to each other.

So for real thanksgiving we were invited over to the bishops and his family. They are so awesome! There were like 5 or 7 kids there it was crazy and a lot of people and food! Then after dinner we went outside and played soccer with all the kids. It was really cool!

So I keep saying this but its just so true, Southern Hospitality is a Real Thing! We literally crashed a thanksgiving dinner! We were just riding our bikes down the street and we were like "dude i bet we could get a another dinner" so we pull up  to a house with a lot of cars in front and there are some guys out front and we start talking to them and they invite us in and we had another thanksgiving dinner! This family was so funny and awesome! We ate dinner to the song "Hit the Quan" playing on the TV while they took turns dancing! It was so crazy!

So something funny happened on Saturday. So Saturday was the iron bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn) and we walk up and knock on this house and this huge white guy answers, and says "WHAT DO YOU WANT" we were like "uhh Ober told us to stop by" and this guy is like "NO YOUR BAD LUCK BECAUSE AUBURN JUST SCORED" and just slammed the door! I guess auburn had just scored right before we knocked on his door, but it was so funny!

Oh Grandma Theora - I found your (fixer upper)!! haha

So today we were talking to our neighbor and he is a super nice old guy! And he makes pens out of wood and sells them! So we were talking about it and we ended up making our own pens! It was so cool! We started from scratch with just a block of wood and like 4 hours later we had a pen! And he took us to lunch! It was one of the coolest and most unique and unexpected birthday gifts! And I'm pretty sure he didn't even know it was my birthday!

Oh - watch this video - it's cool!


Oh and I saw a house burn down!! It was crazy!! See the giant burn hole in the roof!!!?

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and packages! It's been an awesome birthday!

A final note from Elder Gilbert's Mom - thanks to you all for responding so quickly to John's cry for food! He says so many people sent him food boxes and gift cards he is doing great now and figuring some things out - thanks to you all!! And a shout out to Uncle Bown and Wikipedia:

 "The name Wetumpka is a historic Creek place word meaning "rumbling waters", supposedly a description of the sound of the nearby Coosa River as the water falls over the rapids of the Devil's Staircase. It could be heard for miles before the construction of dams.”


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