Wednesday, November 25, 2015

23 November 2015 - Week 4

Hello Everyone! Elder Gilbert was on the run this week and did not have time for an actual letter but he was able to send a few emails back and forth with his mom :) Johnny is doing well this week and happily very busy. He seems to be getting along well with his Trainer Elder B and his main frustrations seem to revolve around the cost of food and bike tire punctures. We have sent him some better bike tire tubes, so hopefully that will take care of that issue. He has mentioned several times how much more expensive food is (they are fed twice a week by Members - our thanks to them!! But that leaves the rest of the meals for the boys to fend for themselves.) He finally gave me a concrete example - his usual box of 12 granola bars that in El Paso runs about $2.50 costs $6.00 in Wetumpka - that's quite a jump! Anyway, he specifically sent a shout out of thanks to Grandma Bobbie and his Dad for Walmart and Dollar Store gift cards - he says they have been a lifesaver!! And advanced thanks for the additional gift cards I know are coming from other family and friends for his birthday that is coming up soon!! Enjoy this pictures he sent - it looks beautifully green there and I loved the alligator sign :) Thanks as always to you all for your love, letters, prayers, and gift cards - hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Johnny,
    Happy Birthday!
    I'm also passing on birthday wishes from your other Grandparents (my parents)
    They have been praying for many blessings on your mission.
    We all love and miss you.
    I didn't realize food was so expensive there. I'll have to get you another Dollar General gift card.