Tuesday, November 3, 2015

3 November 2015

Today was Johnny's Pday!! A letter and pictures!! Hooray!!! :D

I'm loving the mtc its an awesome experience! My Companions name is Elder R, he is from Clinton, Utah and hes pretty cool and were getting along fine, were just learning how to teach with each other. My district is awsome! Its been like 6 days but we act like we've been friends forever. its really weird and awesome, you can totally tell that we are all supposed to be here at this point in our lives, in time, and were supposed to meet each other!. The older guys left today and it was kinda hard because i connected with them so much but they're off in Arkansas so it not too far! I love you all and thank you so much for all the letters and emails! Keep them comin!:P Love from your favorite Elder :)

He appears to be holding up under the pressure so far... :P

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