Tuesday, October 25, 2016

24 October 2016 - Week 52 - Half Way!!!!!!!!!!

First week in Ensley! Wooo We are in the HOOD!! I looked it up and i am pretty much in the most dangerous area in the south. Yes we hear gunshots every single night. We will hear Pop,Pop,Pop, then someone will reply a few seconds later with a different Pop (different caliber) Pop,pop,pop,pop. Its crazy. We share a car with the other elders here. There are basically 2 sets here. So we get the car 3 days a week. We ride our bikes the rest. We do not go out at night!! We are in the apt with all the locks on the second it goes dark so we are in usually around 6-6:30. ummm what else. I found 3 bullet shells just on the street so far. This random guy gave me a pretty cool watch lol ummm We have been working out a lot. I'm trying to be good and obey the rules, this is Elder Morley's 3rd transfer and I'm his 2nd companion so I'm trying to be a good example, so we don't go to the gym. We ride our bikes a lot!! According to my fit bit I walk an average 15k-20k steps and burn around 3k calories. I do have pics and videos for y'all but this computer is all locked up and I can barley do anything. We are in a library so I will throw them on the google drive next time I'm at the church. It's just a tiny branch here. There is a solid family from Alabaster that is assigned to this branch to help it out. Then 2 sets of missionaries and 2 sets of senior couple missionaries. soo the the branch needs help. My bike is definitely being used well! We are in the city so I'm constantly hoping curbs, riding down stairs, jumping stairs. Its crazy! But defiantly a super fun crazy area!!! Love and miss everyone - can't believe it's already been a year!! Thanks and love to everyone!!

Note from Mom: no pictures from Ensley yet, but here are a couple from Hamilton :) Have a great week!!

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