Saturday, November 5, 2016

31 October 2016 - Week 53 - Happy Halloween :)

Crazy week!! So much happened this week I can't even remember everything! So Friday was my 1 year mark! That morning we went to the mission home for district meeting. While we were there we helped the vehicle coordinator move all the new cars. The mission now has around 20 new cars! 2017 Chevrolet Malibu's! So we got to drive those all morning and let me tell you, they don't have tiwi and they are pretty fast! Not that we were treating that or anything... :) We have our little Ensley Squad, there are 4 of us here and we pretty much do everything together and we all cruised these new Malibu's over across Birmingham, it was so fun! Then this super nice member named David took all of us to panda express for my year! Then that night was the beginning of the "Magic City Classic" which is a huge football game at Legions Field! It lasts 3 days! And there were over 80,000 people there! And me and my comp Elder Morley were literally the only white people there!! It was crazy!! Like words cant even describe this event! The bullet bike gangs everywhere, muscle cars, tailgates and everyone just doing whatever the heck they wanted! Then we met some super cool homies that took us over to a parking lot and their crew of Cameros were everywhere! Some of the coolest cars I've ever seen! I took so many videos, I'll add them to the google drive later today. It was just so crazy!! Oh yeah we went to the temple on Saturday with Habron as he gets ready to leave on his mission. Just a crazy week! Thank you for all the packages and letters for my year mark!!
     Your missionary,
         Elder John M. Gilbert

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