Sunday, November 27, 2016

21 November 2016 - Week 56 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Cool week. The life of a Zone Leader is crazy! We have Zone Training tomorrow where we just train and try and improve the work in our zone. I'm giving a 20 min training by myself tomorrow so I have been preparing for that. It's been a crazy week! Constantly teaching, constantly finding, traveling, just been crazy! We had a few people come to church, including a part-member family we are working with, so that's good! It's finally getting cold!! I love it! It was 50 somethin' yesterday. I need to send stuff home, I have so much stuff I just don't even use. I'm excited for Thanksgiving!! We have like 4 meal appts that day! But yeah we have just been grinding, My comps are awesome. Elder Coleman is from Mesa AZ. He's a swimmer and just a goofball. It's a blast! Elder Fanos is from Wyoming. They are both awesome guys! We are just grinding! Happy Thanksgiving!! Love Y'all!!
    -Elder John M.Gilbert

Note from Mom - we can't believe Elder Gilbert's Birthday is next week - he will be 21 years old!! Yikes!! When did THAT happen?? We are so excited for him :) Anyway, I asked Johnny if there is anything he needs - he says he is now in Madison which has LOTS of places to shop and any cash would be greatly appreciated :) He is talking about some new socks (he already got new shoes) and maybe a new coat - I think the 50 degrees has gone to his head! Anyway, anything sent to the Mission Home address (the one in Birmingham) will always find him. Transfers are on his birthday, next Wednesday, and he doesn't know what will be happening, so he suggested sending cards or anything (he says large packages are good too :P) to the Mission Home or wait until after we know where he will be after the 30th. Our love and thanks to you all for helping us get this far - 48 weeks to go!!!   xxoo Debby

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