Thursday, November 17, 2016

14 November 2016 - Week 55

Ok Crazy week!!! Soooo We were at a members house, in the most dangerous project in Ensley which is the most dangerous area in the mission in Alabama, so I'm basically in the most dangerous neighborhood in all of Alabama and we are hanging out eating dinner. When President Sainsburry calls me. He tells me that he needs to Emergency transfer Elder Morley and I. There was a change in the mission, a missionary had a seizure and went home (I didn't know him). So, Elder Morley got sent up to Fort Payne and I got sent up to Madison in a trio with Zone Leaders! lol Sooo I'm a Zone Leader lol (not really). Sooo Madison is the complete opposite of Ensley. NASA is like 6 min away from our apt. So all the people who live here are crazy rich - they are all NASA aerospace engineers!!! So we moved Friday night and Saturday morning and now I'm in Madison. We go to this awesome mall to contact, and we met these 3 girls. We invited them to church. Sunday was Stake Conference and Elder Thompson of the 70 came and the 3 girls came too! So I got to meet another General Authority - that was awesome! Then last night we went to a dinner with some members and the father and husband is a colonel in the army lol so that was super cool. We also have a gym!! I killed it this morning!! I'm exited for these next few weeks! 

My new address is 244 Kyser Bvld. Madison AL, 35758 and yes I can receive mail here now lol. Thanks for everything, Love to everyone!! Your missionary, Elder John M. Gilbert 

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