Wednesday, November 9, 2016

7 November 2016 - Week 54

Another crazy week!! So last Monday night we went fishing at a member's house pond. I caught a decent size catfish. Then Tuesday David took us to my fave place to eat in Birmingham. It's called the fish market, it's downtown and its super nice and super cool!! We have been biking and walking around so much!! On Wed this week my fit bit said I took 23,930 steps, and burned 4,824 calories. Crazy! Everything has just been super crazy and super busy! Today we went fishing this morning. I caught 5 big catfish that we are going to take to a member so she can cook 'em up for us! Now we are emailing, and then we are going to the stake center to play sports. Then we are going out to eat with David again and then I'm going to Alabaster to get my hair cut by Ashley, who is a member I know really well from when I served there. So it's always just one thing after another. Found a lot more bullet shells... think I'm up to like 12 now lol. So Habron (a youth here) is going on his mission and he just gave his farewell talk last Sunday and so many people came!! I have and probably never will see again see the church that packed! We had a potluck afterward. The oven didn't work at the church so the missionaries took it over to our house and we cooked everything there at our little apartment and then took it back over to the church. You know just the average life of a missionary in the hood,  always be on your toes. lol Thank you for all the Halloween/1 year boxes! I love them! lol Except for all the candy, I'm trying to be good. Love y'all, -Elder John M. Gilbert

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