Thursday, December 22, 2016

19 December 2016 - Week 60! Merry Christmas!!!

Good week! We opened our new Smithville branch building this week. The weather was terrible! Super cold and icy. And still 85 people showed up! The talks were awesome, the lessons were great and we had a huge potluck afterword -  a little kid even threw up and everything was just awesome! Great first week! This branch is awesome. We didn't have a single investigator come, which was super annoying!! But hopefully the weather will be better and some more people will come out. The Amory sisters are having there baptism coming up.. I'm super exited for what this week has in store. I'm exited to talk with the fam!!!!! Thank you to all who have sent me Christmas stuff!! You guys are the best!!!!! Your missionary -Elder John M. Gilbert

Merry Christmas Y'all - we love and thank you!!! 

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