Wednesday, January 4, 2017

26 Dec 2016 and 2 Jan 2017 - Weeks 61 and 62

Hello Dear Friends!! It was wonderful to get to skype with Elder Gilbert on Christmas day!! He looks and sounds great - our special thanks to the Pimentel Family for showing the Elders such a fabulous Christmas and once again opening up their home to our boys :) Elder Gilbert says a big thank you for all the Christmas gifts and wishes - he hopes y'all liked the Christmas Cards he and the other Elders put together. He didn't write a blog for this last week - they are busy working hard in Fulton and getting back into the regular routine. He may have already mentioned, but in case he didn't... Elder Gilbert has been made a District Leader, so he is responsible for three other sets of Elders - he checks in with them, makes sure everyone is OK and on track. He says this is keeping him busy! Anyway, we are grateful he is doing well and we just keep encouraging him to keep at it - he has 42 more weeks! We are finally in the year in which he will come home :) :) :) Our love and thanks to you all - Happy New Year!!!

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