Saturday, January 14, 2017

9 January 2017 - Week 63 - Another Transfer!

Elder Gilbert surprised us with news this week... he has been transferred! He has now been moved to Sylacauga, Alabama! It is in Tallageda County, south and east of Birmingham. He transferred on Wednesday, very quickly, so hopefully we will get more details this Monday. He just said he is alive (!) and that he kinda likes the new area. We hope by now he loves his new area and his new comp :) Thanks to you all and we'll post more info as it comes - have a great week!!

Oh, and for those of you viewing this Blog on your phones, sometimes the sidebar can't be seen... here is his new address:

Elder John Michael Gilbert
2301 Motes Rd, Apt #210
Sylacauga, AL  35150


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