Monday, February 20, 2017

13 February 2017 - Week 68

Not a bad week. So nothing super exciting to write home about. We had another really good lesson with our investigator. She is definitely progressing. They took us out to eat at a really nice Italian restaurant! So that was cool. It was kinda funny and super ironic to teach the word of wisdom while stuffing our faces at an Italian restaurant... but it was still a really good lesson! I'm super excited for her. We had another death in the twig so we held another funeral. Because of that, family was in town, so there was an unusual amount of people at church. We ran out of the sacrament by one cup!! So annoying!! So we had to bless it again just for one cup! But its fine. V-Day is on Tuesday..... definitely not a fun one on the mission.... but it's whatever. Thanks for all the support from everyone! Love yall. -Elder John M. Gilbert

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