Saturday, February 4, 2017

30 January 2017 - Week 66

Awesome week! There is one young women in our branch. So we usually go and help out every Wednesday for young women. We show up this past wed and nobody is there.... We decided to hang out for a few min to see if anyone shows up. So we kinda wait around and check up on some referrals we had, double checking their addresses. And someone randomly knocks on the door to the church. The man tells us that he is less active and he just recently got married about 2 months ago and his wife is not a member but in interested in taking the lessons. Turns out she's just waiting in the car, so we invite them in and give them a tour of the church. We continue with an almost 2 hour long restoration lesson. It was super awesome, super spiritual,  there were tears everywhere. We were able to meet up with them on Saturday as well and teach the Plan of Salvation. It was another really good lesson! I am super exited for this couple! Elder Standifird is the man! He is a great missionary and we are really figuring out how to teach really well together. I'm super exited for this upcoming week! Thank you for all that you do. -Elder John M. Gilbert

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