Saturday, May 20, 2017

8 May 2017 - Week 80 Talladega SuperSpeedway!

Soo Tuesday/Wednesday, we did an exchange up in Birmingham. I got to spend the 24 hours with one of my fave missionaries, Elder Galvez who's from Guatemala! Then we got back home about 8:00 wed night, then even though i was dead tired, i had to grind it out and prepare for district meeting and figure what I was going to talk about and train on. Then Thursday morning, we had district meeting up in Talladega. The branch mission leader in Talladega is awesome!! He wanted us to come over and have district meeting over at his house and he and his awesome wife cooked a bomb breakfast for us! (German pancakes, buttermilk syrup, a whole spread!) Then we had district meeting, I somehow compared djing to missionary work and some how did it for a long time lol but hopefully District meeting went well. One of the missionaries said it was the coolest training he had ever heard! lol  so then we ended up staying up in Talladega for the day because Brother Cote (branch mission leader) wanted us over for dinner as well so we stayed and worked up in Talladega for the day and had an awesome diner! Then one of the missionaries was talking to Sister Cote and said i was a hockey player and the conversation soon got on the topic of chiropractors lol i had said how much is sucks not having my chiro for almost 2 years and how crunchy my neck was. Sister Cote laughs and said "here". She brings out a professional massage chair (like the Chinese guys at the mall) She's a freaking massage therapist!! She works on me for like 20 min and destroys me! She finds knot after knot lol then shes like "wow your neck is really bad" so she brings out a professional massage table!! and works on my neck for another 10-15 min! uhhhh!  is was awesome!!! I love her! So then Friday we had interviews with the mission president, which went super good. Then supper at the one member that feeds us, then were off back up to Talladega. So last weekend was one of the biggest races in Nascar! Talladega SuperSpeedway! We spend all day Saturday talking to tons of people is was absolutely crazy!!! I have never seen so many rednecks in one place in my life!! and I will never come close again in my life!! It was so awesome!!! I got to hear the cars! It was just so cool!! Got to cross of a bucket list item! I wasn't as productive as a missionary as i would have liked, but i was able to give away one book of Mormon!! She wasn't exactly sober.... but i think there's a chance she will read it! It would be awesome if she did! Ahhh it was just an awesome experience overall!! Love everyone and thanks!! - Elder John Gilbert

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