Tuesday, May 23, 2017

22 May 2017 - Week 82

Crazy few weeks! I got transferred to Bessemer! It's part of Birmingham. I've been in this stake 3 times now. But it's been a crazy week! I've made home made sushi with a member from Japan! I've fed some cows on a members farm - got the hookup for free farm eggs! Found a member who is a pro bodybuilder! He's absolutely massive! (I'll try to take a pic with him sometime.) He knows the girl in Sylacuaga who wanted to train me! He has already started to teach me some stuff and offered to hook me up with some supplements through his sponsor. He won the Vulcan! Which is like the biggest competition in Alabama! ummm... this week was crazy! Lots of teaching, meals almost everyday, team-ups everyday, and this weekend was Stake Conference! There was a member of the 70 there, Elder McCarthy. He was super cool! It was so weird that I knew almost everyone there! I got to see lots of families and members from Alabaster and Ensley and Bessemer! I have shaken so many hands this week! Which is probably why I'm sick.... i have a pretty bad head cold. Meds every 4 hours:/ I haven't really slept well in like 3 weeks and were just always on the move. I haven't even un-packed yet! Oh... Friday we helped a member with his farm/garden. We were there like all morning and I mowed like 6-7 acres of grass with this awesome zero-turn mower :) lol then dug a trench for the corn rows so water can get to them. Then the District decided that that day was best for everyone for District Meeting. So we went straight from working on the farm in my jeans and boots to District Meeting and I did the ultimate definition of "winging it". I had nothing prepared, but i did my cool djing analogy ... hopefully they got something out of it. It's just been super crazy!! And being sick sucks. Thanks for everyone and all of your support! Love Yall! -Elder John M. Gilbert

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