Wednesday, June 7, 2017

29 May & 5 June 2017 - Weeks 83 & 84

Hi y'all!!

So Monday, was not p-day, we woke up to find standing water in the kitchen, the dishwasher was leaking. We didn't have much time because we had a meeting and an hour drive ahead of us, so we just called it in to the apt. office and left for Jasper, AL. I made it so we had district meeting up in Jasper and planned an exchange for afterword. I was able to go and see Sister Manning! She's awesome! Then we went to the Bakers. And the Epersons were there and we had a super fun crazy night. 

Tuesday, we pretty much stayed all day at Sister Manning's. Olsen and I were able to fix one of the dirt bikes for Luke.Then we headed back to Bessemer for dinner with the Ackers. The kitchen is still full of water..... i don't think they did a single thing, probably didn't even come look at it. We threw some towels down and left for dinner. Brother Acker has a man cave set up for football games. EVERY SINGLE THING in that room is Alabama Crimson tide. Its the most amazing thing ever! 

Wednesday, we went and helped Butch with his field/garden. We pulled weeds from the corn rows. It takes about an hour a row...... but then he took us out to lunch (which he always does - we love him!) and we always go to "San Antonio Grill" Mexican food place that's pretty good. The food is nothing like home but it's close! At least the music makes it feel like home. We had coordination meeting with the ward mission leader, and reps from every church group. Its crazy what can be accomplished with support for missionary work! We have scheduled and temple trip for just the recent converts later this month. 

Thursday, We were called in to hold down the fort in the mission office....From 8 to 3... while all the senior couples went to Tupelo for zone conference. ....The phone only rang 3 times... and we sat there and waited for it to ring again. It did not. Then Darby and the Colquetts came and took us to lunch! We went to our traditional place (Texas Roadhouse) which really feels like home. They are amazing people and it was awesome to be able to sit and chat with them!! After a day full of missionary work we come home around 10:45pm and find the water is still on the kitchen floor. My comp Elder Briscoe decides to give repairing the plumbing a try. I wish him well and decide to go to bed.  

Friday (today) I wake up to find the kitchen in pieces. My comp asks me for help putting everything back together. Thanks to my Teris skills, my "wheres my water" game on my phone back home and blessings from on high, somehow we connected all 12 or so pieces of pipe back under the sink! Yay us!! We head to our first app and he's not there.... we knock his neighbors house, who turns out to be a preacher, so we bash for awhile... just a great morning. We are deciding how to fill in a few hours time gap, and I got a random though of going to get the cars oil changed. So we head to Pepboys and the staff there are super cool. They have seen the missionaries in this area come in all the time for maintenance but have never really talked to them before and they had lots of questions for us! The one mechanic who I talked to the most (probably like a good 30-45 min convo) just about whatever, cars (Subarus) and stuff and I asked him if we could come teach him and his family... and he said yes!!! He has 3 daughters and has recently moved to Bessemer from Huntsville because his mom has cancer  so he could be closer to her. He hasn't been to church in years but is willing to hear our message and hear about the church! Just crazy how the Lord prepares people! 

Miss y'all. Pretty ready to be home..... and go to the beach.... love you guys!  -Elder John M.Gilbert

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