Thursday, April 14, 2016

11 April 2016 - Week 24

Good week, we are just really trying to got our teaching pool back up. We had a progressing investigator, we have been teaching her for a month or 2,and we had a return missionary take her to a ysa event and apparently all they talked about was how right the church is and how wrong and uneducated other churches are. So that really set us back about 10 steps with her, we tried to explain that that is not true at all, that all churches have truth in them but she didn't really listen. So thanks YSA kids, way to go! We are doing lots of finding, trying to find new people and new places. We found that reallly cool park! But yeah not a whole lot going on, we are going to go play basketball today and then go to the gallerea (The huge mall in birmingham) but yeah thanks for all the letters from everyone and all the Easter cards! Its good to hear form everyone! Love -Elder Gilbert

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