Wednesday, April 6, 2016

5 April 2016 - Week 23

Hello to everyone! John has asked that I let everyone know he is doing well - still alive and well in Alabaster! His companion is feeling much better so they were back at it this week. He says the work is slow right now, so they are working on ways to find more people to teach. In the meantime he has been able to be more consistent with his workouts, so he is happy about that. John says how much he loves his mission president, President Hanks, and how much he will miss him when the president is released in June. He says he feels privileged to have gotten to meet and work with him. A few members in Alabama have shared pictures of John while he has visited with them - I will post those below.

Hope everyone has a great week - thanks to all for your love and support of Elder Gilbert!!


Cinnamon rolls during General Conference!

Progress on the Tucson Temple - picture taken 4-3-16.
Temple scheduled to be completed right around the time Elder Gilbert returns home - 
November 2017!!

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