Tuesday, March 15, 2016

14 March 2016 - Week 20

Hey everyone! Good week! We had an investigator get baptized! On Friday! So HA! TAKE THAT BEN! It's so sick that you send bap pics every week! Im a little jealous! lol It's crazy how last year your mish got 2,000! This year mine got 300! lol and we thought that was good! lol Baptists are suborn!!! But anyway Larry got baptized on Friday! We met him 2 weeks ago! He was just a sponge! He soked up everything we told him! Then I confirmed him yesterday! I was so nervous! I thought giving a regular blessing was intense but then to do it in front of the whole congergation when I have only been here 2 weeks and don't even know everyone! But it went well. Then someone who was giving a talk didn't show up to church. So I randomly hear "Then we will hear from Elder Gilbert with his testimony" so that was fun. So they heard from a lot Sunday lol

We went to the temple on Tuesday. Always an amazing experience! But yeah we are just working hard! Trying to get the new workout schedule going. I've started to wake up at 5 so that's fun. But yeah thanks for all the support form everyone! I love hearing from everyone! Love you all. -Elder Gilbert

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