Wednesday, March 9, 2016

7 March 2016 - Week 19

   Good week! We have an investigator named Larry who is getting baptized on Friday the 11th! I'm really excited for him. He is a great guy and is just a sponge about the gospel! He just soaks everything up we tell him. He is an awesome guy in a not so awesome chapter in his life and is looking for a restart. He has been to church twice now and has loved it. He took notes in all 3 hours yesterday.
   This area is really cool! So far its going well we are getting fed almost every-other day so that's good. Right next to Alabaster is Pelham and Pelham is where the ice arena is that the Alabama club team plays!! Then the announcer for the Alabama team is a member in my ward! He is from Toronto! So I actually got to speak hockey!!!! Then we were in a thrift shop the other day (they are everywhere out here) and I found 2 hockey sticks! 5 bucks each!! They are old school wood sticks but they have a decent curve! Best 10 bucks I have ever spent! So I have added sick handling to my work out routine!
   I found a Hatch! There is a Brother Hatch in my ward! He is from the colonies and is related to all the Hatches back home! All the brothers are his cousins or something I think they have the same grandpa (who just passed away a couple of months ago) But its awesome! He knows all the colony families like the Romneys and the Whettens! Small world!
   Then the bishop lived in El Paso! He is military and lived there for several years! He was there in like '97 or something. But he would run McKelligan canyon every morning!!!! What!! So yeah, he even knew who the Buzzards were and everything! So yeah this area is super weird for me! Like in the thrift shop I met a lady who grew up in El Paso! She went to Andres high school! We talked about Chicos and everything it was awesome! I ended up giving her a Book of Mormon! 
   But yeah this area is really cool, There are actually stores! We are going to a huge mall today in Birmingham, well in Hoover, called the galleria (like the one in Dallas) so yeah. I miss everyone! Wish I could just bring everyone up here and show everyone everything! Thank you for all the letters! Keep them coming!! 
   Love, - Elder Gilbert

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