Wednesday, March 2, 2016

29 February 2016 - Week 18 - New Address!!!

This week has been the crazyist of my whole mission! So on Tuesday Elder Hyde emailed his mom saying he had some heart stuff going on (he has had 2 heart surgery's in the past) then the next day Pres Hanks calls us and says that he is going home! And that I'm moving areas! So we pack up our apt in like 2 hours and go up and stay in Alex city, the next morning we drive up to Birmingham for a doctor's apt to make sure Hyde is well enough to fly. Then we head back down to Wetumpka, just for the night. The next day we drive up through Tuscaloosa so i could get to see the campus (ROLL TIDE!!!) on our way to Jasper which was Hyde's fav area. We spend the day visiting tons of people and then stay the night in Lorna. Then Sat morning we wake up and drive to the mission office in Hoover and Hyde has his exit interview with Pres Hanks and I get my new comp and Hyde leaves with Pres to the airport. So now Elder Mkhwanazi and Elder Curtis and I are in a trio. The 3 of us go and spend the night in Alabaster and then head back up to Jasper for a baptism for someone that Elders Hyde and Curtis taught. Then we drove to Hoover and stayed with the AP's. In the morning we head to the mission office to send Elder Curtis home. He tore his meniscus in his knee on Thanksgiving and his going home for surgery then will come back out when he is healed. But so Elder Curtis has his exit interview with Pres Hanks and then Elder Mkhwanazi and i head back to Alabaster. So that's where we are now and will be for awhile. Elder Mkhwanazi (mmm-qua-na-zi) is form south Africa, speaks zoolo and is 6'6"! Alabaster is a super rich suburb of Birmingham so it will be a lot different from Wetumpka. So yeah its been a crazy few days - I have lost 2 comps in 3 days. But I'm trying to just roll with the punches.

Thanks for all the letters form everyone!! Love you guys! -Elder Gilbet

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